ADHD, Technology

Alexa, upstairs lights blue.

The power of technology will never cease to amaze me.  I often have memories of my childhood in high school where I dabbled in journalism and was editor of my high school newspaper for a few years.. I remember working on my first Mac and it was the REALLY BRIGHT ORANGE kind!!  Mrs Flack was amazing, she was so good at what she did that I really give her kudos for my writing style.  I really learned a lot from her.  If you ever read this Mrs. Flack, thank you for inspiring me to write my life out and inspire others.

The amount of technology that runs our lives is anything but incredible.  We have devices in our houses that we can talk to, control lights, make our lights blue, and order Amazon items.. It’s kinda of insane..  I mean how does it get better than this?  The iPhone X came out today.. Colby won one at his conference… How insane.. I’m proud of him and I’m a bit jealous but I’ll never admit it.. It would give him too much pleasure knowing that he +1’d me. 😉

Today was a really good day.  I got to have lunch with my best friend Amy, and we’re seeing a movie tomorrow..  I’m just happy right now.  I haven’t been this happy in two weeks since my meds changed.  My psychiatrist increased my Zoloft dosage to 200mg and he’s trialing me for ADHD and I’m on Adderall right now and so far I feel so much different than I did two weeks ago.  The voices that use to shout in my head for 24 hours a day are silent. I’m feeling confident, and I’m energized about life.

I am inspired by all of you.  We all lead different lives and it is absolutely terrific that we can connect together and share our lives.

P.S. My lights really are blue right now..  Phillips Hue.  There is something about ‘Alexa, turn the lights blue’ that really makes me feel good inside.

Thank you God for bringing joy and peace to my life.  I’m thankful for this moment.

Please let this feeling last forever..