Automatic Thoughts, Depression, Recovery, Suicide Prevention

22 days and NEVER shutting the door

Today is 22 days since the last joint I smoked.  I’m beyond thankful for the journey that I have begun.  The peace in my heart is surreal.   The joy on my face is pure.

I white-knuckled being alcohol-free for 2 years, but during those two years, I was abusing marijuana daily.  I thought I was using it for medicinal for my depression, but I fucking kid you not, it was a brutal full-blown addiction that I was spending $500 a month on.   I traded addictions and found zero peace.  I wanted to die when I was using.

Not anymore!  22 days and never shutting the door on the journey.  I’m keeping it open because I want to be reminded of the dark days that I made out alive.

Sobriety is changing me inside and out and I couldn’t be more thankful.

Thank you, God, my higher power for giving me the serenity I need to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.


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