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Need some advice

As we know when I’m manic and/or not being responsible I tend to purchase items in which I cannot afford.

As you know to support my healing I uninstalled all apps from my iPhone that allow me to be impulsive. Amazon being the #1 app. Well I need a new case for my iPad Pro because I’m fed up with the back cover I got not syncing with the smart connector right. Outside the case and it hits no prob. If I throw the protective case on it never works right! Rather than being a warranty I think it’s just pour design.

Manic check: No I am not feeling manic

Depression check: mild depression (feeling WORTHY)

Alcohol consumption: Zero

I have money for a new case and I want a new case but am I being impulsive for wanting something to fix an outstanding issue?

I see this as a productivity issue. Half my posts are written on my iPad so I am thinking this is a rational thought.

Curious for your thoughts. I won’t do anything until you convince me otherwise!

PS.. I’m not spending more than $20. I refuse to spend anything over $20 on an accessory to something I’m going to use and abuse daily. Apple products like cases and alike are pretty but not durable by any stretch.

PPS: If you support me doing this I refuse to download the app! I will go onto their website and buy it. No apps!

17 thoughts on “Need some advice”

  1. Get it. We are not talking about taking out a loan here or the mortgage on the house. I like to sleep on the idea sometimes… If I wake up and feel that I still “need” it than it’s a go. Hope I could help…. Hope I wasn’t feeding mania. I know it all too well.

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    1. Good point. I was really begging for it during my lunch today after I got done writing on my ipad and was really frustrated. I could do a warranty but it’s still the same flawed design. Unless maybe they fixed it. Maybe the rational voice is saying explore the warranty first before you buy something.. look for free! Shit my moms favourite word is clearance. LOL.

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  2. Here are the rules I apply to myself: 1. Do I need it? 2. Will it make my life easier/better? (and how) 3. Can I afford it? If I get positive results and I can justify it with my reason, I get it. It sounds like your case fits the bill. You need to have functioning products and be able to protect them.

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  3. Sounds like the time has come to fix a legitimate problem. It also sounds like it’s not going to negatively impact your ability to get other things that you genuinely need, and you’ve carefully reflected on your current frame of mind. So I’d say you’re good to go.

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  4. Get it! You can allow yourself and if you can control your impulses when you see other stuff online, then do it. I guess, what you can also do is, ask your partner, a friend or a colleague to buy it for you. You can choose it in front of them so that they act as a control to restrict you from buying anything else. And then you can send them the money. Hope this helped!

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  5. Could you also ask a friend to order it for you? You give them the money and they buy it on their Amazon account so you don’t even have to go there?

    I think the pros/cons list you’re making and asking for people to review your thought process is remarkable and mature.

    Have you checked the warranty? Have you talked to Apple just to get some feedback (I haven’t known them to try to upset their customers so I don’t think there would be a temptation there).

    If you sleep on it and try again to use it but find that it slows your productivity perhaps then make your purchase.

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      1. Yes! Agreed! I cannot tell you how redeeming it was to experience this moment with you and everyone that commented. I feel uniquely validated and I was able to spend $20 and put my debit card away and saw bye for now. Go to bed Mark and I did 💪👌

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  6. Hey Mark – I’m dealing with a similar problem: how do I determine whether a desire to buy something is my brain telling me something legit, or whether it’s borne out of anxiety and habits I’m really trying to break around why I shop. So first of all: I hear you…the struggle is real.
    Personally I think @ErinDawson nailed it with her comment. She didn’t tell you what you should do, but gave you a framework that’s worked for her that allows YOU to make the choice that is right for you.
    Sometimes I just want someone to tell me WHAT TO DO. And especially in a moment of crisis that is sometimes all I can manage to absorb. So in that sense…a lot of folks’ advice on here is solid.
    I guess my encouragement to you (because it isn’t just about the dang case) is this: if you are in a space where you are good with showing yourself you can figure out the best answer for yourself…go with Erin’s framework, and find your answer there. If you are in a tough space and you by God just need a directive, then you have some good options here to choose from.
    Either way – you are meeting yourself where you are, without losing sight of where you want to go.

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