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I’ll never let go Jack…

Two movies in two days. Wow! Actually I love movies. It’s something my bestie and I do frequently and it definitely means a lot to both of us to be able to spend quality time together. We used to work together (that’s how we met) and our adventure continues post career. She’s the one that keeps me cool when I’m having a manic moments and want to impulsively buy a Taco Bell franchise. Slow down Sparkles.

Thanks Megan for that nickname.. haha I own it. Nobody else but ME. 🌈🔥❤️

Blogging is the best mental therapy for me. My impulsive behaviors are at an all time low and my moods are much more stable. I believe that by me writing down my thoughts from the time I wake up to the time I go to sleep allows me to construct better formed thoughts and emotions in my head.

So I’m a technology nerd, Apple fanboy aka debt king. I mean I love their technology but not the markup! But whatever this isint about iPhones this is about me telling myself CONGRATS MARK!! You’re doing great and you are shining bright!

I’m doing this every morning when I wake up:

I am worthy

I am loved

I am amazing

God is with me

I’m just gonna keep doing what I’m doing. I haven’t felt this stable really ever and I’m not just saying that because the 🌞 was out today! Ok well maybe. Ok fine. Thank you for the vitamin D!

I’m still thinking about returning to the gym tomorrow. Is it a fear? What is it? Am I scared to fail again?

I’m going to pack my gym bag anyways tonight. If I decide to go tomorrow after career then sure. It’s across the street from work. I’m out of reasons.

Like I said in a previous post, I am my worst enemy. I put so many limits on what my mind wants/can achieve.


13 thoughts on “I’ll never let go Jack…”

  1. Titanic is a movie which I can watch thousand times and still cry. I just love jack there. I am a very…. big fan of this movie and might have watched ten to twelve times. well talking about your gym bag just pinch yourself any where and start running from home till u reach the gym. Actually I do it that way. be sure to try. you will surely land up in the gym.

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    1. Thank you! I’m a huge fan too. I saw the movie in the theatre 16 times. I was also 16 when it came out. I played piano as a kid and could play the entire score. I wish I could still! I had the best piano teacher in Seattle! I paused my music talent for now as I focus on clarity and being content with self worth and image. I’m dedicating this year to self improvement everyday. I think this will go a long way for me and keep my depression far away!

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    1. I’m blessed that my childhood best friend follows my journey. Thank you Megan for your love. Despite every shit thing I did to you I hope my blog can tell you more about why I do the things I did/do. I’ll never forget our memories. I’m really thankful for our friendship and for you being the fairy dog mother of my sweet pup Denali ❤️


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