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Feeding Wolves & Consequences

A good friend of mine recently shared an article posted on Medium that really got my attention and offered some very practical solutions to fighting off the voices in our heads so we can lead a better and more fulfilling life.

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Part of what attracted me to this story was the wolf on the front. Owning a husky I am often asked if my dog is a wolf just by the characteristic of his markings. He’s no wolf but his howl is certainly like the wolf that howls in my head. All 10,000 of them. Surely I must have a pack of wolves in my head.

The issue I with thoughts is that thoughts are very powerful and it is very easy to attach truth to our thoughts. The problem with giving truth to your thoughts is that we will believe anything that we think is true. If I thought it then it must be true. How many of you does this resonate for? Chances are plenty.

It’s not your fault that you establish truth to your thoughts, it’s part of life.

The hard part is being able to slow down the thoughts in our heads so that we are able to break apart the thought and identify what is true or false about it.

Example: I’m such a failure at budgeting. There is no hope for me.

Fact or fiction: Pure fiction.

Down beast! That’s not true at all. Starve the wolf. Don’t give the wolf anymore attention. Your bad wolf will crave your attention and must be stopped.

“NO WOLF” I will not! I’ll say it in a snarky voice as if I’m talking to myself.

Raise the good wolf wisely. Kill the bad wolf with all your energy.

I am in control of my thoughts.

I’m thankful that I am able to use articles like this to carve out my depression and lead a better life because of it.