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Just let go

I am home and happy to report that the swallows of my depression and forlorn have packed their bags and gone far away and I will do anything in my power to prevent them from returning.   I just delivered an AMAZING report card to my psychiatrist on my plan and what I’m working on and I’m feeling good!  Aced it.  We’re sticking with the exact same plan and no medication changes!  AMAZING!!

Hey Depression. Go fuck yourself.  Right now!  You don’t control me.  You don’t own me.  You cannot control what I do or say in life.  You cannot cause me to go into debt.  You cannot cause me to hate my soul any longer.  I will survive this life and I will do it with dignity and grace.  I will not be the victim of my own self-perpetuating hate.

Shine bright.

Did you see Oprah’s speech?

I am imagining Oprah is standing behind me and giving me the courage to stand on my desk and shout I AM WORTHY.  YES, I CAN.  YES, I WILL.