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Technology actually does amazing things for my depression.

Have trouble limiting social media exposure? Tech giants want it that way.

  via Technology Designed for Addiction — Psychology Today – Depression


For being manic I sure do love technology.. Especially expensive technology because of the falsehood in my previous life where I felt like my soul was tied to the goods I owned and not the actual person that I was.  There was just so much personal judgment there that was totally unnecessary.  It is stupid how much pressure we put on ourselves just to be happy.  I’m perfectly content with keeping the basic apps on my phone that I need access to.  For depression apps, I have many CBT apps that actually help me.  I also belong to HeadSpace

Except for the issue with these apps is I forget about them after some time because of how easily bored I can get.   I definitely believe that children need to limit the amount of screen time that they receive.  I see so many kids these days with tablets glued to their faces as parents use it for an escape route.  I get it.  If I could give my dog a tablet I would.  I applaud any parent.  I couldn’t raise a kid worth shit.  This is why I have a dog.  A cute pup.  We had such a good day today.    There is an app called Stigma that is surprisingly well polished as works a social penpal networking tool.  It’s really unique and gives voices a chance to be heard.