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Slaying dragons & Building confidence

I had a very productive day today and I really felt like I could accomplish absolutely anything.  I woke up just happy and stepped on the sale and it said I lost 8.4 pounds since my last weigh in!  What a terrific way to start my day! This could be a good day.  Except it’s pouring down rain in Seattle and there is no change of sunlight for the next six days.  A tropical vacation sounds lovely right about now.  I have a happy light, but I just don’t use it that much.  I was never one for tanning.. kinda hated it and it really reminds me of tanning beds.

You know it’s funny.  I feel so different these days as I continue to become better at figuring out social situations while remaining sober.  I feel like every day that goes by I am stronger and my sword is slaying these GOT dragons (Thanks, Barb!) Speaking of GOT.. 2019. Really HBO?  Did you really have to do that to us?  Worse..word is 6 more episodes but they will be longer. OK, whatever I’ll wait.  I’ll keep slaying these beasts with my CBT teachings and starve them out!

I did something REALLY crazy  FUN.  I like to dance a lot.  Especially when nobody is watching.. I have this habit of watching the Ellen Show every day after work and her energy just hits me like a burst of fresh air.  She inspires me to just shake it and just be yourself.  Be who you were meant to be.  Nothing else.

So I did it and I wanted to show you just how I feel knowing that I’m coming to surface as an entirely new person.  I feel extraordinary.

I normally would NEVER post a video like this.  However, I am working on my self-image and I am proud of who I am and what I am doing with my life.  Make no mistake I am confident and I’m thankful to God for putting me here.


11 thoughts on “Slaying dragons & Building confidence”

      1. Oh my god teddy, I laughed my ass off for an hour. It was so stupid it was hilarious and I instantly lifted out of whatever depressive funk I was in. I’m so thankful she’s so popular. She’s like my natural mood stabilizer

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  1. Zomg, Mark, I LOVE your video! I love that you were able to let go of your self-doubt; your candor; your self-confidence—the video made me grin from ear to ear, and as I watched I wish I could have been with you dancing, too! ❤️❤️❤️

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