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Failure to start. Allergic to my soul

As a mental health blogger and activist, I have struggled since I was five years old with  WHY ME for the depression I faced as a young child and how I was able to convince my own head that I was a failure to launch?   The forces that were against me growing up really manifested later in life. Years later I ask myself… Allergic to cats definitely.  Allergic to myself? 100%.  Until I started blogging and learning how to love and appreciate myself for who I am and what I’m here on Earth for.

When I was a young child I couldn’t stand who I was and I had zero self esteem because I was so depressed beyond measure.  I was teased and tormented since the 2nd grade until the 12th grade. I came out of the closet when I was 16 and it was definitely a rough part of growing up. I’m thankful however for how my parents respected my sexuality and didn’t treat me any differently.   I realize that a lot of kids don’t have an easy time telling they’re parents that they’re gay however please know that WE are here for you always.

I hated high school.  I hate everyone that tormented me.  I refused to go to my high school reunion because I couldn’t face those jerks that tore me apart inside.  I will not succumb to their level.  I am worthy.

Since I began blogging in 2017 it has helped me in so many ways.  My confidence was born when I let the shields down and told my story.

I may be allergic to cats but I’m not allergic to my life anymore.  I’m never looking back again.  I will not return to what I once was.  I will not be the victim of my self-perpetuating hate no more.

Z is for Zoloft AKA my allergy meds.