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Lost connection: Universe hear me roar

By choosing to confront my worst fears in life was a an option for me to continue my life before I made any stupid drastic decisions. As a mental health blogger and activist, I know that there have been many times in my life where I have felt so alone and worthless because of the events that are triggered in my life.

Blogging is my way of connecting with the universe and sharing my view of depression and it impacts on society. We are broken. Our world is broken into so many different pieces and there are too many barriers that prevent us from achieving true happiness. We either may feel like we’re not good enough, talented enough for that job, or you may just not have the strength to get out of bed because of the depression you are faced with.

Remember my friends, you are SO not alone in this! We are UNITED. Divided we fall. Let’s fix the system while we still can. It starts with a conversation.

Blogging and connecting with my followers is the best gift that the higher power has given me.  I am beyond thankful for the ability to write and to share with you on this journey.

Much love to you and yours.