I am the king of treats. My debt to income shows it.

As a manic depressive, I am constantly faced with an uphill battle of wanting to treat myself because I feel absolutely worthless when I’m at my lowest and of course I want something shiny to offset the depression and the self-worth.  At 32, I am learning that by giving myself a treat I am re-enforcing bad habits.  I’m broke and in debt because of the treat that I have bought myself over the years. My mother use to tell me when I was addicted to binging on food that because I would spend all my $$ on food I wouldn’t’ have anything to show for it.  So what is it that I have to show for my treat?  Mounds of debt and zero friends.  All I wanted was to be liked.  All I wanted was to be invited over to the sleepover. My treat wasn’t good enough and for that, I felt like a rejected loser.

Never stop believing in yourself.  The world is yours for the taking.




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