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24 hours later.

Hello my friends,

WOW!!!!! I was picked up by #WeightWatchers for a member spotlight story tonight. I can’t believe it. I couldn’t believe it. Me!

Cue Elle Woods.

I’m so happy to be sharing my life with all of you. I’m sharing my journey, being healthy, logging my food and stepping it. I think I had a breakthrough in therapy tonight. Or a melt down. Not sure but I sobbed for a bit with Dr Turnbull but I realized that this is my purpose. To write. To share my story. I don’t have all the answers no..


I sobbed. I cried. And I said enough!

I’m tired of being the victim!

24 hours later I’m picked up for a feature ed. The power of social media and the influence of spreading love to such a profound community is an amazing experience.

If you are a Weight Watcher subscriber, you can also follow me on Connect @AV8R007


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