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Raindrops & Diet Coke

Two of the worst things in life.  The rain and Diet Coke.. Yet both bring so much comfort to my soul.  We are now into the first 24 hours of the next seven days of Seattle gray and zero sunshine…  Now it’s really critical that I use my happy light daily in order to stay on top of my depression and automatic thoughts.

We need the sunshine in order to get our daily vitamin D.  In the Northwest we are told by our doctors to take extra vitamin D during the winter months as the sunshine is limited.  I keep forgetting that I need to put that into my routine.  It should help with my depression.

I often wonder in the back of my head if there is something that I am doing that causes these racing thoughts, mania, and anxiety.  Am I consuming anything in particular that is exasperating my moods?   I ask myself this question a lot and I continue to ignore it because Diet Coke is my vice.  I could drink Diet Coke everyday for the rest of my life and feel totally okay with it.  Is Diet Coke my nemesis?  If it is, I’m in trouble because the Diet Coke that I consume could really lead to problems down the line if I don’t get this under control.  Sweet fiancé, if you’re reading this, I know you’re rejoicing that I’m even having this conversation in my head..

I’ve been sober for four months now, almost five.  I’m thrilled with what I’ve accomplished so far and perhaps I’m ready to look at more areas in my life that I can clean up.  I need to be absolutely sure that I take this slowly.  I am an extremist.

Whats your take on aspartame and depression?  Have you had any positive effects by giving it up?

I’m feeling better everyday that I continue to blog.  I feel redeemed when I am able to write and share with you.

Take care of each other.  We need lots of love these days.


3 thoughts on “Raindrops & Diet Coke”

  1. Hey brother. I for sure think that it has a huge impact on us. I don’t know the impacts of it with depression, but I know that it pretty much guarantees I will have an AWFUL migraine that leads to other issues. I know some countries have banned it. It is so bad that some companies come up with different names for it.

    I know I for sure need to watch it better. My whole diet really needs to change. Healthier food/drinks makes a huge difference in our lives! Just have to make the lifestyle change…and stop putting off till next Monday hahah.

    Keep sharing. This was a good reminder for me. Something I need to add to my list of things to change. Adjust.


  2. Well…I gave it up a few years ago, and my life isn’t all smooth sailing now, but if you can manage, it would probably be better to have a Coke or two than all that Diet Coke. The aspartame really isn’t good for you, as you are already starting to tell yourself, right? My own habit with Diet Coke was so bad that my younger son, when he was breastfeeding would reach for it (Mom was drinking too) and utter some of his very first words: “Diet Coke!” Charming, huh? I quit pretty shortly after that, since that’s a pretty sad story.

    Take care of yourself!


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