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Well, I must have slept a decent amount last night because I woke up today not hating life.  Although I had a smashing headache when I woke up this AM.  Plus I went outside at 5AM to leave for my job and my entire car is covered in Snow.. LOL – It’s November and snowing in Seattle?? Really?  I’ve lived here for five years and I’ve never seen it snow this early…  I’m excited.. I kind of miss snow..  It’s been awhile since I’ve driven IN snow so I’ll watch a YouTube training on snow driving and be OK for the winter.  haha – I get better at parallel parking with age.


I saw my therapist last night and it was a pretty difficult session.  It is really hard to talk about yourself on the spot especially when you try your best for formulate your entire thought pattern for the week.  I keep a mental list in my head about topics that I want to bring up to Teddy (My therapist) yet I am always forgetting everything I wanted to bring up.  We talked about what my friend Emily is going through and how much it is affecting me.  I’ve just realized over the past few weeks since I found out she had cancer was just how much she meant to me and that I couldn’t imagine my life without her.   Cancer is evil.  We are actively praying to have the cancer banished.

Today was good.  I got a lot done and I’m sitting in this really comfy chair I got off  I swear that website is for the furniture addicts.  Good deals to be had there for sure.

Today was better than yesterday.. Thats all that counts.








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